Home of the Lemon Bundt cake. Family owned and operated since 1970, Serving Baked goods, serving Deli goods like signature sandwiches, soup, baked potatoes, and salads. Cookies, Pies, and our popular choice of 8 different flavors of Bundt cakes.

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1 day ago

Gender reveal Bundt cakes, the center is filled with colored coated chocolate candies in pink or blue.

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2 days ago
Photos from Margie's Bakery & Deli's post

What's for lunch?
Got plans?
GPS ...4029 Call field rd
Served fro 9am to 2:30 today
See you then.
#margies #deli #widhitafalls #bakery #cakes

2 days ago

Love our service members at Margie's

#margies # bakery # birthday #cakes #cookies

4 days ago
Photos from Margie's Bakery & Deli's post

Margie's Angus Beef on our Fresh
Homemade Grilled Butter Top Flat Bun.

1 week ago
Margie's Bakery & Deli

CHEAT & GO! Only $7.00! **LIMITED TIME DEAL** Get yourself a CHEAT & GO and we will even write the word β€œsalad” on it! It will be our little secret. 🀫

A dozen sugar cookies, an 8oz of our ... See more

1 week ago

Unicorn πŸ¦„ Bundt

1 week ago

Margie's Traditional Breakfast Sandwich...
Nothing Traditional about this Sandwich.

1 week ago
Photos from Margie's Bakery & Deli's post

Egg salad BLT

1 week ago

MARGIE'S TO GO? Delivered to your door.

For Delivery service, Please go to
Click the delivery icon and choose
your service, and the menu will prompt.....

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